Product Descriptions

I appreciate your interest in my artwork and your continued support. I would be happy to see one of my images in your home or office. On the bottom of each picture, you can click the BUY PHOTO button, which will guide you through the selection process. 

Please note that I only offer Metal and Acrylic prints through the website.  To order a canvas or fine art print, please get in touch with me directly to order.  I prefer to order these offline.

I also offer a limited personal use download if you wish to download for your non-commercial use, such as a screen saver or digital art board. 

Feel free to contact me through my social media or email if you cannot find what you are looking for or want to discuss a custom print not found here.

Contact me for any commercial usage questions.

Again, I thank you for your support. 


Paper Prints

Standard, Square, and Panoramic Sizes

Smooth Matte Paper

The smoothest surface in our fine art line, made from 100% cotton hot press paper, and popular for photography and artwork alike.

Wall Art

Acrylic, Metal, and Standout Prints

I offer 2 types of wall art.  Acrylic prints, and metal prints.

Below are the descriptions for each.

Acrylic Print

Acrylic prints are made to make a statement!  Images are printed on fine art glossy and then face-mounted to 1/4 acrylic.  

Metal Print

Metal prints are also meant to make a statement. They will show off the vibrant colors of my work.  

Click on the name of each product for more information. 

Selecting the Right Size Photo

I crop my photos to try and fit standard framing sizes.  That, however, doesn't always work or I may choose to crop something to better fit the scene.  Like panoramic or square crop.

As you are selecting the photo and sizes you will see a box appear on the photo.  If it shows the entire photo, great.  If it is asking you to move the box around to display the part that would be printed, you can either self crop the photo, not my first choice, or pick a size that best fits the photo.

For example, if I cropped a photo as a square image and you select 8x10, the printer would cut off an inch on each side of the print.

If you have any questions on this let me know.

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